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What Qualifies as Tax Deductible Business Transportation Expenses Whether the transportation is by train, taxi, bus, air, rail, or the taxpayer's car, this post clarifies what is a tax deductible business transportation expense.

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Often many taxpayers are concerned about what qualifies as a tax deductible business transportation expense. Tax deductible business transportation expenses include: Temporary Workplace: Getting from your home to a temporary workplace when you have one or more regular places of work. Client Visits: Getting to and from client and customers for business related visits. Between Offices: Use [...]

Temporary Work Location Commuting Expenses Tax Deductions “I’m a freelancer and I use my personal car to travel from location to location to do my work. At the end of the year I am never completely sure about what mileage is tax deductible and what is not tax deductible.”

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Temporary work location tax deductions can be complicated. For example, an employee’s or contractor’s commute between their home and a regular place of work typically is not a deductible business expense. However, if the place of work is a temporary location, meaning the location is expected to last for one year or less, than the